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Somnath Temple in Gujarat, India


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Doublespeak Masterpiece


The US monopoly on "purely economic decisions"!

The US has announced its intention to sell hi-tech advanced F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan despite stiff opposition from India. Although Pakistan had originally asked for only 24 such planes, the US administration has emphasized that there is no limit on the number of planes Pakistan can buy. As if this alone were not enough, the US has declared that Pakistan may get these advanced fighters capable of delivering nuclear weapons practically free of charge by "paying" for them from the 3 billion US $ development aid that the US was going to provide Pakistan.

To "placate" India, the US has also offered to sell these planes and other sophisticated weaponry to India as well, on lucrative terms. This arms race is going to eat up resources in South Asia, particularly those of India, which would otherwise not have bought these weapons and now shall have to divert precious development funds to finance the modern weaponry.

The US is trying to hush away the F-16 deal with Pakistan as "reward" for assisting US in war against terror and to support Pakistan's so-called campaign against terrorism. Now it's anybody's guess, how a nuclear equipped fighter plane might help against terrorists sheltered in one's own territory. Particularly when the Pakistani state and its dreaed intelligence agency ISI are broadly known and documented as "godfathers" of Taliban and other related terrorist activities be they in Kashmir or in Chechenya or elsewhere. But these arguments are naturally not welcome and fall on deaf ears in Washington, which keeps on repeating that this move is not "a slight against India", as President Bush recently stated.

The most hilarious masterpiece, though, came from Stephan Blake, director in the South Asia Bureau of the US State Department. Mr. Blake on a visit to Calcutta in India termed the sale as a "purely economic decision". Mr. Blake went on to say, as reported by The Times of India that "any arms race between India and Pakistan and the issue of strategic balance are matters to be decided by the two neighbours" and that the US had no business in it for the US "values" the friendship of both the countries! A great logic flowing directly from a world power propagating day in and day out values like world peace, abolition of weapons of mass destruction, democracy and human rights.

And contrast it with the US threats to the European Union (EU) for the eventuality it went ahead with lifting the weapons embargo against China! The US govt. threatened openly with sanctions (!) against its closest partners!! The reason given: EU weapons may potentially be used by China against US some day. Mr. Robert Zoellick, Deputy Secretary of State, threatend the EU with serious consequences to relations while on a visit to Brussels, as widely reported in the German media, for instance see reports in following highly respected publications Der Spiegel, Handelsbaltt and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Now the possibility of an overt military confrontation between the US and China are nowhere to be compared with those of a direct, potentially devastating conflict between India and Pakistan. But if US weapons are used against India - that is according to this strange logic alright - it is after all just a "purely economic decision". The logical conclusion: only Uncle Sam is entitled to take "purely economic decisions" ;-) Not the EU when it wants to sell weapons to China and not India when it wants to buy oil and gas from Iran. The monopoly is obvious.

Can anyone beat this masterpiece of doublespeak? Even George Orwell must be turning in his grave..


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